My first post

In this post I wish to start introducing myself.
The About me session primary shows my professional path, but my career is firstly driven by my passions, life style and experiences.

In this blog I want to share with you what “makes a difference” in my daily life and I will be extremely proud if you would like to share with me your thoughts, ideas and opinions.

As you will see in the future posts I have an huge passion for food,
I love cooking as well eating, especially if I’m sharing a delicious dinner with a good company.

As a designer when I’m in the kitchen I use to see the ingredients as materials and recipes as projects. If we compare the design process with the preparation of a meal we can easily follow the same steps: we do a preliminary market research in order to find the right ingredients according to their features, our budget, target of diners and their preferences and needs.

Probably before experimenting with friends, it is better to research and test a special dish customizing and refining it until you have a sort of working prototype.

During the research around Mr. Fooder, I discovered there is more behind food itself which plays a role in the experience of having a gratifying meal.
Environment, recipe history, ingredients origin and story, manufacturing processes, or diners features such as age, culture, religion, parental and peers influence, but especially food appearance affects on liking, willingness to eat, sense of satiety and satisfaction or even taste perception.

Thanks to the support and help of my partner in life and at work, Emanuele Giglio, I wish to continue investigating in eating strategies and behavioral modifications approaching different foods in different manners.

There is nothing better then testing our own friends and guests with particular dinners which will delight them meanwhile we have the occasion to record how design can intervene in the channelization of diners’ emotional response.

Assaggio” in Italian means the small piece of food we taste just for trying a dish, so consider this post as an “assaggio” of my food design approach and if you would like to see my future experimentations just stay tuned and follow my blog!


Curriculum Vitae

“I am a passionate industrial designer and determined researcher.
My design approach combines care of details and handicraft learned in Italy with the importance of user experience and emotional resonance discovered in London.”

Download a printable and more detailed version here.
Versione Italiana scaricabile qui.

I’m currently working as freelancer so do not hesitate to contact me for a consultation or discuss about possible collaborations.

Service offered:

  • Product design and development
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing, web and social media consulting
  • Brand strategy and corporate identity

Personal information:

  • Gloria Viganò
  • Bergamo, Italy
  • Female  |  03/01/1991  |  Italian


29/09/2014 – 07/09/2015
Master’s degree, Product design – MA (merit)
Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University.

27/09/2010 – 27/11/2013

Bachelor’s degree, Industrial and product design – mark 107/110, 2:1
IUAV University of the Republic of San Marino

Volunteer work:

01/04/2015 – 31/07/2015
Coordinator of after school fashion club
Kids Fashion Fun Ltd

Work experience:

05/2017 – current
Owner and Founder of Craftivity Lab

12/2015 – current
Founder and Editor at Warmcocotte

11/2014 – current
Freelancer IT and Communication Manager
V.I.P. Srl Verniciatura Industriale Pesarese

01/10/2014 – 31/12/2014
Digital Ambassador – Student worker
London Metropolitan University

07/07/2014 – 12/07/2014
Academic Tutor – Department of communication and workshop organization
IUAV University of the Republic of San Marino

01/03/2013 – 01/08/2013
Student collaboration – 150hours-student-worker
IUAV University of the Republic of San Marino

28/08/2012 – 20/11/2012
Intern – Industrial designer
Ghigos Ideas


Italian mother tongue
English – IELTS Academic Certificate, Level B2 – 01/03/2014


  • Big Idea Challenge – London Met Accelerator, London 2016
  • Workshop 3 Day Startup HomeAway, London 2016
  • 2nd International Conference on Food Design, NYC November 2015
  • DBS Certificate – Disclosure and Barring Service, May 2015
  • Workshop redesign Wall’s happiness stations, London 2014
  • Workshop Cluster Expo Milano 2015, Milan 2012
  • Workshop “design del benessere” – wellness design, San Marino 2011
  • Workshop design of a handle, San Marino 2011
  • Workshop ceramic, San Marino 2011
  • Workshop serigraphy laboratory, San Marino 2011

Download PDF.
Versione Italiana scaricabile qui.