VIP verniciatura industriale pesarese

I’m glad to collaborate with my family.
I grew in their company building my knowledge around materials and industrial processes developing the passion for research and testing.

VIP srl is a company specialized in industrial coating, painting, blasting and lining located in Pesaro, Italy.

The renewed corporate identity is more readable and focused on VIP skills and values. After gaining several certifications the company decided to renovate its aspect to promote modern technologies and processes.

The new “Product Data Sheet” are simplified by infographics and renders to outline all the process steps, in order to provide detailed information for clients to decide how to customize their products.


Thanks to the “Research & Development” department, the company is able to offer several and custom treatments studying new possible production systems.

projects for VIP srl curated by Emanuele Giglio, Gloria Viganò – 2014


V.I.P. Srl website redesign
V.I.P. Srl website redesign

I’m currently working as Freelancer IT and Communication Manager at
V.I.P. Srl Verniciatura Industriale Pesarese.
In collaboration with Emanuele Giglio, after the renewal of the corporate identity, we redesigned the company website and we are in change of organization of public events and exhibitions such as NACE Milano Italia Section – Conference & Expo 2016.

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